Thinking about hosting a children's party? These great kid's entertainment ideas are guaranteed to please any partygoer.
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Planning a memorable party for your child could seem stressful at first, but it doesn’t have to be. You want to plan a day of fun, excitement, and entertainment for your little one. You have a few things in mind from thinking about what your child likes, but how do you turn that into a party?

The last thing you want to happen is to have a house full of bored children. Thankfully, we’re here to lend a helping hand. With the best kid’s entertainment, you can throw an amazing kid’s party that’ll provide fun entertainment for kids for several hours!

Because each child is different with their own interests, we created a list of a few children’s entertainment ideas you should consider. Continue reading to explore each idea until you find the one you believe your child will like best. Let’s get started!

1. Glamour Parties

Does your child love all things glamour? You can plan a glamour party filled with hair styling, nail painting, and make-up! It’s your child’s day to get pampered with their friends.

When you rent a glamour party bus, your little one and their friends will step inside their private hair and nail salon where they can choose their style of pampering. There’s also a table for arts and crafts and a V.I.P. section for dancing and karaoke. You can even upgrade your party bus and add t-shirts, body jewels, glitter tattoos, and more!

A glamour party is a perfect way to pamper your child on their special day.

2. Animal Safari Party

Is your child a huge animal lover? Do they love any animal and small creature they find? An animal safari party is a great way to keep your child and their friends entertained.

There are zoo packages where unique animals are brought to your home by a professional handler. The handler will stay with the animals the entire time and help teach the children about each one. There’s no telling what animals might be brought out for a show and tell. Guinea pigs, lizards, owls, tarantulas, and rabbits are a few of the common animals brought to these events.

The children will even be able to hold some of these animals while learning more about them. It’s a great learning experience but also makes for some awesome entertainment as well.

3. Sleepover Tent Party

Children love having the opportunity to have their friends sleep over. It’s something different for them because it switches up their usual nightly routine. They get to spend the evening staying up late and chit-chatting while having fun.

A sleepover tent party is a perfect way to take a regular sleepover up a few notches. Rather than sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags, the children will have their own personal tents to sleep in. When you rent these sleepover tents, they’ll each come with a mattress, tray, fairy lights, lantern, and more.

It makes a unique experience for the children, and they’ll never want to leave their tents!

4. Backyard Games

Sometimes keeping the kids entertained is as easy as setting up a few fun games in the backyard. The list of what you can do is endless. You can set up an oversized game of connect four or Jenga.

If it’s a hot day, then you can put out a bin filled with water balloons for a water balloon fight. Capture the flag and musical chairs are also some other great examples. Think of games that’ll keep the kids active and entertained.

A small table set up for arts and crafts can keep the children who aren’t playing a game busy as well.

5. Dance and Music Party

Children love to get up and dance when a popular song comes on. Although you can hire a DJ for the party, all you need is a speaker and an area for a dance floor. Hook up your phone or an old tablet to the speaker and allow children to take turns choosing which songs to play.

Give them some space where they can get up and dance if desired. You can also consider setting up a karaoke area for those who want to practice their singing skills.

6. Gaming Parties

Do you have a gamer in your family? If so, then a gaming party could be a great idea for them! When you rent a mobile gaming truck, your child can step into a limo-style gaming theatre.

Inside, they’ll find 50 inch HDTVs, rocking gaming chairs, special effects lighting, an awesome sound system, and all their favorite gaming consoles. You can even add on glow-in-the-dark necklaces, finger lasers, removable tattoos, and more! It’s the ultimate gaming party for all ages.

7. Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are affordable and kids love them. There are even airbrush tattoos if you want to get a bit more creative. Otherwise, head out to the store and purchase a large number of temporary tattoos.

Make sure to pick out a variety of styles and designs. Then, allow the children to reach into the bin and choose different tattoos. Provide damp clothes for each child to use so everyone can apply their own tattoos.

8. Slime and Bath Bomb Party

What child doesn’t like to make slime? Why not throw a slime and bath bomb party? Collect all of the supplies you need to make both slime and bath bombs and then set up two different tables for each one.

It might be best to set the tables up outside to prevent your home from getting messy. Children can have a blast and not have to worry about making a mess.

With the Right Kid’s Entertainment, You’ll Throw an Awesome Party

All it takes to throw an awesome party for your child is the right kid’s entertainment. Use the ideas listed here in this guide to inspire your party planning.

At RockinGamin Parties, we offer premium entertainment at your doorstep. Whether it’s an arcade party, glamour, party, or a sleepover party, we have you covered. Click here to book one of our awesome party packages today!

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