The Rockin’ Gamin’ Theatre is equipped with 10, 50″ HDTVs, which makes it the perfect setting to host a video game tournament of your choice. This setup allows 10 one- on- one match-ups to take place at one time! Can you imagine 10 Madden 25 Football Games going on at once, right outside your front door or any other location you choose? Our consoles are also networked so that everyone inside The Gamin’ Theatre can play the same game at the same time. This is a Black Ops Gamer’s dream come true! How about an NBA 2K13 tournament, where you and four of your friends play on the same team against other 5-man teams? Sounds too good to be true? We got it! Rockin’ Gamin’ Tournaments are perfect to host at your housebar/restaurants, fundraisers, school functionscorporate events, or anywhere else you can dream up. The Rockin’ Gamin’ Theatre is not just for kids, even though you may act like a kid once you step inside! Contact us to discuss any tournaments you have in mind.


Fundraisers come in all different shapes and sizes because there are many different types of groups and organizations that need to raise money.

Our exclusive fundraising programs are designed to work anywhere, for any organization, and any age group. The best part about our fundraising activities is that YOU don’t have to do any work…We Do It All.

Our exclusive, station-based activity fundraisers are a proven way to promote physical fitness and social interaction, while raising money for your organization.

How it works:

When we first started offering physical fitness/athletic based programs, the amount of interested participants was so great that we had to create activities that could accommodate 60, 70, or even 100 participants at a time. This is why our high- energy games like Grip N’ Rip and Hula Hut Battle were created.

Utilizing station-based activities gives us the opportunity to offer many different physical fitness/athletic events at a single fundraiser. When you host a fundraiser, you can choose any combination of physical fitness/athletic activities, combined with The Rockin’ Gamin’ Theatre, for a day or night of great fun for all.

Participants will start off in one of 3 or 4 athletic/fitness stations and rotate through all remaining stations at designated intervals. This gives all participants a chance to enjoy every activity offered, as well as keep their experience energized and fresh. The Rockin’ Gamin’ Theatre, Grip N’ Rip, Hula Hut Battle, Floor Hockey, and just about any floor game you can imagine are a great way to get your participants excited about your fundraising event.

There are two different models for your organization to take advantage of:

Your organization earns money on a per/participant basis. Participants sign up and pay for a fundraising event. Your organization pays nothing and does not have to do any work. You merely promote your own event. At the end of the event, your organization earns agreed upon profit for your fundraiser.
Your organization hires Rockin’ Parties to entertain at your fundraising event for an agreed price.

Your organization does “No” work and receives profits made throughout the day/evening of your fundraiser.

Please contact us at (201)-675-6433 /(845) 598-8940 / [email protected]